Tap water is a complex subject, most people on their own handle it badly, 80% of filters on the market don't do what they advertised to.
Most filter provider think with the old paradigm of chemistry only whereas water remember toxins even if removed so water need more than filtering.

I provide solutions which:

*prevent limescale deposition using magnetic device smooth laundry = more comfort in your cloth, more foam under the shower reducing cost in shampoo and soap, reduction in usage of laundry detergent = money savings, more energy from the water, a water which cleanse your organism better=better health. All that with no salt added, no electricity, no chemistry, no maintenance except changing filters, 80% limescale non deposition, no usage of additional water

*more health because your body has a water cleansing your cells instead of clogging them
*physically remove sediments, and other physical contaminants like rust, sands,
*chemically remove toxins like Chlorine, THM, DPB, Fluoride, Medicine Residues, PFOAS, Nitrates,
*kill or filter out parasites like Cryptosporidium, Cysts

*water flows as a vortex in nature, which both get back its energy and also remove memories of toxins filtered: I have system to do that.
This ensure optimal health as your cells are sensitive to the frequencies stored in water.

*water needs to contain certain elements (pH, rH2, rhô) to be healthy according to Louis Claude Vincent BioElectronic, I've products to do that.
This water is scientifically proven to be healthier.

*water is used to carry information between cells, through biophotons To help that I've system to infuse light into water which will improve communication between your cells leading to improved health.

Please contact me first so I can guide you towards a healthier water, by either:

1- filling this form to let me know what are your tap water issues you want to solve so I can research and contact you
2- by sending me an email, send me a message on facebook, chat on telegram, whatsapp, signal (+34-680-760-273)

At the moment the shop is in construction so there is not that many products there and the point is to select the right product(s) for your specific situation it's better to talk with me first. I'll assess your situation and give you free advice, then you choose if you want to buy from me or from another place with an informed mind.

Talk to you soon.


Want healthier tap water?