What is Healthy Water Matters mission?

Our mission is to bring health conscious individuals the most effective products to get healthy tap water in your home.
Our difference comes from the research behind the selection of the products: we go far beyond simply filtering water as healthy water is more about bringing tap water to scientifcally proven parameters to ensure it improves your health by maximum cleansing of your cells, maximum nutrients intake and assimilation. This is in agreement with the discoveries of Viktor Schauberger (restructuration, redynamisation and memory clearing of water using vortex maximizing hydration and cells cleansing), Louis Claude Vincent (BioElectronic of Vincent, water with special properties highly beneficial for health), René Quinton (water plasma which gives the body the exact amount and quality of minerals as naturally found in the blood bringing health and vitality). This water will bring joy, health*, smile and happiness to your children and all members of your familly including your beloved pets: the tea will taste greater than ever, drinking will be a pleasure and you'll get a positive outlook on life.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction and we are more than glad to hear all your questions so we can provide personnalised answers to bring you fine tuned solutions.

*Please note we are not doctors and that every situation is different so you need to consult your GP for anything related to your health first.
However water being 99% of your body's molecules count it makes more than good sense to take into account this factor: you're a walking mass of water. Please discuss this point with your health practitionner.


The Fourth Phase of Water by Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDx GuelphU, link, video
The importance of bathing for health, Dr.Marc Cohen, link

Why choosing us?

1-Experience and Innovation:
We partner with reputable more than 30 years of experience businesses in Swizzerland, UK, France, Japan producing and selling award winning water technologies which are exclusive for Ireland. Ex: Sonatec Swisscetan magnetic limescale deposit prevention device without salt, electricity or any added substance, GAIA VI Reverse Osmosis 99% proven pollution removal + information clearing and redynamizing vortex, remineralizing water with lithotamnion bringing perfectly balanced water and biophotons for health. As our body's molecule count is 99% water and as water is impacted by EMF / ElectroMagnetic fields such as those coming from mobile phones, WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G as demonstrated by Prof. Bernd Kroeplin, we provide also EMF protection devices for mobile phone, house dirty electricity, computers, WiFi modem.

2-Listening to your specific needs: everybody is different and needs a personalised solution, we are here to achieve that and will go the extra mile for your demands

Sonatec Swizzerland, link
H2O Gaïa France, link


Why is water the most important component after oxygen for health?

You're a walking mass of water:

dr gerald-pollack_99_percent_of_your_molecules_are_waterestimated molecular-content-of-a-human-cell

Your body is composed of 2/3rd water BUT that accounts for 99% of your body's molecules, yes 99% as demonstrated by Gerald H Pollack: the water molecules are so small that they amount to 2/3rd of the weight while 1/3rd of the weight is taken by heavy 1% molecules. As a result taking care of those 99% water molecules will bring a huge health benefits. Please note that we are not doctors and we advise you to consult with a health practitionner if you've any health concern. 

Please also keep in mind and in action that to get optimal health, you need at least ALL of those elements working in balance: 

1-have a positive mindset, see the good in everything, the good always exists alongside the bad, ALWAYS
2-breath deeply and slowly: Oxygen is the first nutrient, without it you're dead in less than 3 minutes
3-drink plenty of healthy water, take half your body weight, and drink daily that amount in ounces of water.
Fruits, vegetables, juices are mostly water and count in that number
4-sleep the amount of sleep you need to be fit, this varies from people to people but without stress people sleeps 10 hours/day
5-exercise: here again there are no norm but the name animal means animated, so who moves. You need to move your body often and enough to be alive
6-enjoy the sun: you're made of light as shown by Dr Fritz prop, water is a pipe for that light
7-take control, heal yourself, get rid of what don't serve you, eat organic or wild, juice and use the best supplements you can afford if needs be
8-have a joyful existence with lots of fun, joy, smile, happiness
9-have positive relationships: have you noticed that a single sentence can ruin your life? Don't let others vision or beliefs impact you, believe in yourself
10-earthing: we are electromagnetic beings and we need to discharge positive ions into the earth and get in negative ions by walking bare foot on the earth like all animals do

We have to say this for legal reasons:  for anything regarding your health, please see with your health practitionner first as everybody has specific conditions. Healthy Water Matters nor his founder or employees can be made responsible for the consequence on your health of following the aforementionned advice.

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holistic health requirements:

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nb: all those references are for your education only and none of their authors endorse Healthy Water Matters products, services or articles.

We give you an overall landscape of what's from experience is needed to get good health and as a reminder the magic pill don't exist:
life comes from balance not one health product only.

Healthy Water Matters is focused on the best water for health only and protection against EMF as they impact your cells' water thus your health.

What is filtered water?

Filtration comes into play when you want to remove specific substance from water for example fluoride, chlorine, THM, heavy metals. Filters are ordered from the biggest substance to filter to the smallest substance to filter and there are specific filters for certain poisons like fluoride, nitrate. There are many ways to filter the water: Reverse Osmosis for drinking water (we can do whole house reverse osmosis too), Sediment filter + KDF filters + Carbon filters + Fluoride + Nitrate + specific filters for whole house. Filtration is understood as filtering physical, biological and chemical components NOT filtering the bad frequencies and informations. Thus the need to turn filtered water into Hexagonal water and reinform it with biophotons.

What is distilled water?

Contrary to filtration where the water go through a medium collecting unwanted substances, distillation let the unwanted heavy substances at the bottom of the distiller by turning water into steam. In the MegaHome Distiller for added removal capacity, the steam goes through a carbon filter which removes most of the low boil point substances like VOC, chrlorine. What the distillation process + carbon don't filter is: Acetaldehyd, Formaldehyd, 
Distilled water is mostly pure H2O so it removes the inorganic minerals like calcium, magnesium which make the white powder stacking at the bottom of a kettle. However distilled water once drink don't remove the organic minerals making part of your bones and tissues BUT it removes the inorganic substances and minerals who are clogging your veins and arteries.

Mostly unknown from the public, inorganic minerals in waters (tap, bottled) are a big health danger as said by Dr Norman Walker as they clog the arteries and veins. Other doctors confirm this fact like Dr. Teofilio de la Torre “Instead of drinking the hard water of springs or the chlorinated water of the cities, it will be to our advantage to drink distilled water . . . to prevent calcification of the body.” or Dr. Charles McFerrin “Distilled water is ’empty’ water – a hungry water, a water capable of absorbing body poisons. You have had the experience of trying to use an old post office blotter on the desk. Everybody had used it and it is so full of ink that it will not suck up any more. So it is with a ‘full’ water, a water full of chlorine, aluminum, etc. Such water does not have the capacity of absorbing body impurities.” —Dr. Charles McFerrin, writing in the July 1955 issue of Nature’s Path

Distilled water is a slow process but water is as pure to H2O as can be: TDS (total dissolved solid) is 0, and if done well with a good distiller there are no VOC, no gaz in the distilled water. Distilled water bought in store in plastic bottle are a non sense: the taste of those water is plastic because the distilled water has grabbed molecules of its recipient and this water has been in this bottle for long times so we strongly advice to stay away from those. Same with certain distillers: if they collect the distilled water in a plastic jug you can be sure the water will taste plastic. We only sell the time proven MegaHome distiller with Glass jug, this distiller is built in such a way that the steam never touch any plastic part, the VOC are filtered through a carbon filter, and the built is such that it lasts long and they support their product.

The benefits are global detoxification of the body: with pure water, all the toxins in the body found a vehicule to exit the body through urine, so be prepared to go to the toilet often because we are living in a world which is toxins loaded. All the inorganic minerals will get removed from your body so you'll feel your body washed from inside and light and your joints will become more supple with better motion. Of course all that don't happen overnight, you need to keep drinking distilled water for long periods. Like anything related to improving your water, health is a benefit because we are 99% water molecules, and great health implies growing awareness and spirituality.

Distilled water is a fantastic cleanser on its own: it's a giant step towards great health and there are examples of people who keep being youth forever drinking this water. For the cleansing effects it works pretty well combined with organic raw food, vegan, vegetarian diets: if you don't put in your body toxins, getting rid of those already there is faster as the toxic load to remove is not increased with every meal.

The only drawbacks of distillation are:
*distillation don't remove the bad frequencies stored into the water molecules. Thus I combine it with EM pipes, Flower of life symbol and a Quartz.
*distillation takes 5h30 for 4 liters of water, pour in hot water already to reduce this time. Ideally the distillation is launched at night so you get it by morning
*distillation costs money in term of electricity, depending of your provider it could cost in 2020 prices around 22 EUR / month, cheap compared with bottled water
*distillation makes noise due to the fan, so ideally put the distiller outside in a sheltered place well ventilated

“Water Can Undermine Your Health”, p12, Dr. Norman W. Walker, link

One example of people drinking distilled water (with the proper diet associated):
Annette Larkins, Raw foodist drinking distilled water and not aging (she is around 80 now in 2021), link

Annette Larkins is not assiociated with Healthy Water Matters, nor is supporting the MegaDistiller, she is just one of the many people drinking distilled water.

What is Hexagonal Water?

Hexagonal water is organized water: the hydrogen bonds link other H2O molecules and 6 of them form an hexagon. Water is an energy / frequency sponge, so when put in contact with chaos, it becomes chaotic, when put in contact with order, it gets ordered. In nature, order is achieved in the form of crystals, and structured water has a crystal hexagonal structure:


This struture is achieved after the water get doubled vortexed, in one direction and the other. Then the energy goes through the inside of the hexagonal structure made by Oxygen atoms.

Hexagonal water is cleared of information pollution / chaos and ordered and is carrying energy (electricity, light) far better than chaotic water / regular tap water which means you should have far more vitality and resistance to health imbalance (homeostasis principle) drinking that type of water. Please discuss any health concern with your health practitionner first.

Why most scientists and doctors have never heard of hexagonal water?
Because their studies don't take into account anything deep about water and thus are not up to speed with what the latest scientific researchs have found like those from Gerald H Pollack, even 1940's findings from Viktor Schauberger are not taught in medical schools.


"Wikipedia All Wrong About Structured Water Scam", Hydration Foundation, link
A global deficiency of nutrition education in physician training: the low hanging fruit in medicine remains on the vine, Stephen Devries The Lancet Sept 2019, link
water is part of the diet because the diet when composed of physiological food is mainly water, hexagonal water in fact is the main component of fruits and vegs.

Hexagonal water better hydrates your cells and transport light in an efficient manner. Water in nature don't move in straight line: it moves in vortex.

vortex 4291434_960_720

The benefits of Hexagonal Water:
The benefits come from the fact Hexagonal water makes through cells in a far more efficient way than non structured, which hence enhance all the organism functions:
*improves your focus and memory
*increases your vitality
*support weight loss and weight maintenance
*contribute to deeper, restful sleep
*supports a healthy immune system
*detoxify the body
*hydrates dry itchy skin
*promote healthier nails, skin, & teeth
*support good digestion and reduces constipation
*boost your immune system 

What is reinformed water?

Water can be considered like a big hard drive or USB key storing information about everything of electromagnetic nature it has crossed along its way including EMF from WiFi, 5G, 4G, dirty electricity, Bluetooth, electromagnetic chaos from water tower mast, musics. As explained in Biology of beliefs from Bruce Lipton, cells are feeding on frequencies, thus it's important to erase the useless memories (frequencies) from water through vortexing in the anti-clockwise direction, shungite, EM, special geometries, other methods then reinform water with information serving our health. Once water is free of electromagnetic chaos, Shungite, EM, special geometries, using stones / crystals, musics and other methods can achieve water re-information with health promoting frequencies.

"The World in a Drop, The Ability of Water Functioning as Memory and Mirror", Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin, Regine C. Henschel and their team, link, video
"Energy fields, like electromagnetic waves and prayer, profoundly influence the structure and function of molecules and the health of cells.", Bruce Lipton, link, video
"Higher Frequency for Health", Penelope Jayne, Co-Founder of Global Recharge", link

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