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So you need to get your tap water limescale treated correctly

What is Limescale?

Limescale is what makes Hard Water. Hard water is water which contents is high in calcium and magnesium mainly, it can contain other minerals too.

Which regions have Hard Water in Ireland and UK?


Where is Limescale coming from?

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credit: https://www.pexels.com/@michael-block-1691617 / Sunset at Horseshoe Bend Grand canion Arizona

Those minerals comes from the contact of pure water from rain with rocks which have thus been dissolved and transported to your tap.
And so? These are good minerals for my health! Not exactly, the hard truth about hard water is that it's not good to either your body or your wallet.

What does limescale do to your health?

You've been told that minerals in tap water are good for your health, especially calcium and magnesium.
That's false: because those minerals can't be used by your body.

There are minerals and minerals.
*Minerals that your body can't use because you're an heterotroph = Non organic minerals: the minerals in tap water are dead minerals, non organic minerals, non ionic minerals,

Rocks are food for plants, NOT for US!


Plants can use dead minerals because they are autotroph but not us: your gut can't dissolve nor ionise and thus can't use those minerals. Thus your body have either to get rid of through your kidneys (added work, worn them out earlier) and store them some on your bones, joints and clog your veins and arteries.


Your body's internal has veins, arteries and other canals who act like river beds for fluids like blood and lymph, the useless tap water minerals are like alluvium, sediments pushed aside of those canals and clogging your internal networks.
You don't get usable minerals from tap water which you would need to drink 1 bath tub a day to get your amount of minerals by the way.
*Organic Minerals: You get your minerals from food mainly. Those last are usable because they have been transformed by plants.

So what is happening with those dead minerals?
See what doctors say:

"What makes people stiff
The solid earthy matter which by gradual accumulation in the body brings on ossification, rigidity, decrepitude and death, is principally phosphate of lime, or bone matter, carbonate of lime, or common chalk; and sulphate lime, or Plaster of Paris, with occasionally magnesia and other earthy substances.

Water contents frightful to contemplate!
Spring water contains an amount of earthly ingredients which is fearful to contemplate. It has been calculated that water of an average quality contains so much carbonate and others compounds of lime, that a person drinking an average quantity each day will, in 40 years, have taken as much into his body as would form a pillar of solid chalk or marble as large as a good sized man.

Extract from Water can undermine your health, Norman Walker, Doctor of Science, extract from Mr. Abel Haywood

*And there are minerals your cells can use: minerals chelated who are organic linked to a carbon atom coming from either plants or animals you eat

What does limescale do to your wallet?

Do you know where the biggest amount of your electricity bill goes to? If your water is hard water and not treated then you've found at least one culprit for huge electricity bill: the heating element of your boiler is covered with limescale and the inside of your heaters too which in both cases means water takes age to heat and the heat is not reaching the heater exterior so it's money lost. Limescale is a big heat insulator meaning raising the temperature of water when the heat element is covered with limescale takes far more time.

You usually see limescale daily when boiling water in a kettle to make tea:


Source, Licence, Author: Flickr/Lee Haywood

With that limescale, It takes age to boil water = more electricity spending, clogg your veins, and make you pay a big electricity bill each time, triple wammy!

How to get rid of limescale?

There are many solutions on the market which are both expensive, cumbersome (taking space, noisy), polluting with chemical or salt, requiring electricity and periodic maintenance.
Instead of that I have selected an innovative solution which is cheaper, which once installed need only 5 mins maintenance per year, who don't use chemical nor salt, so basically you get it installed and you use water as usual with all the benefits higher referenced + 
That means time saved for doing what you love i.e not spending time cleaning and scrubbing limescale deposits on tap and appliances nor calling the plumber to get the boiler repaired or worse changed (once there are tons of limescale in, the boilers are changed because they can't boil anymore), money saved for what counts.

Our unique solution: the Swisscetan

Swisscetan1 2

This device is part of a system which both filter your tap water whole house bringing purer water to every point of use (bye bye chlorine, fluoride, cryptosporidium, THM, heavy metals, PFOAS, medicine residues, ...), and prevent limescale deposit everywhere.

The difference with the competition is clear:
+works whatever occurs to the electricity grid: it works with water pressure only
+turns limescale into Aragonite which is healthy
+restructure water making it more energetic
+80% reduction of limescale deposit
+will removes limescale deposits already in place
+no electricity needed
+cheaper: you pay once (swisscetan is guaranteed for 5 years), each year you've to change the filters to get purer water (contact us for more details)
+no added salt nor chemical = the water is healthier and you get a health boost drinking it and nature thanks you


Heterotroph: An organism which requires an external supply of energy in the form of food as it cannot synthesize its own. 
-> Heterotrophs can't use minerals from rocks (inorganic), they have to eat plants or other animals to get their minerals because those are organic minerals.
As tap water is filled with minerals from rocks they can't be used by the human body.
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

Autotroph: Autotrophs are organisms that can produce their own food, using materials from inorganic sources (rocks).
The word "autotroph" comes from the root words "auto" for "self" and "troph" for "food." An autotroph is an organism that feeds itself, without the assistance of any other organisms. Example: plants.

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