Why lightning water is important? 
the biophotons

1/ What are biophotons?

"Biophotons are ultraviolet and ultraweak light that emanate from all living systems, including humans. Now the biophotons in our cells function as regulators, or carriers of information. Biophoton emissions provide an ideal communication system for the transfer of information to many cells across our body"

Our DNA uses the frequencies of biophotons to communicate at the speed of light instructions that tell our cells how to replicate and behave, orchestrating the many chemical reactions that need to take place every second.

Biophoton (from Greek BIO=life, and Photon = light) is a photon of biological origin mostly not coming from chemical reaction.
Biophotons are emitted from the ends of chromosomes by little cones called Telomeres.

"Biophotons are photons spontaneously emitted by all living systems from near InfraRed. to near UltraViolet. ranges." [2]

[1] Energy 4 Life Podcast: Biophoton Emissions with Fritz-Albert Popp
[2] Cell membrane physical model in near infrared visible, and near ultraviolet spectra


Biophotons can be represented through Kirlian photography, GDV (Gaz Discharge Visualization cf Dr Korotkoff)

2/ Why you need biophotons into water? The benefits

The vitality of living organisms is directly linked to the quantity of biophotons present inside them, thus the more you increase the number of biophotons, the more health and life radiate. As always there is a limit: don't stay all day on the sun, nor you should leave your water there either.

Known benefits:
* Refill your energy levels
* Boost intake of oxygen and nutrients in your cells
* Initiate your body detoxification
* Improve your capillary circulation
* Strengthen your immune system
* Lower inflammation and pain
* Rid body of fatty deposits and bad cholesterol
* Regulate hormonal imbalance
* Improve your nutrient absorption
* Protect from Ultraviolet and harmful wireless radiations

3/ How to get more biophotons into water?

First remember that water intake is not just drinking, it's also eating and bathing. When you eat food, most of them should be made of water and that's exactly what fruits and vegetables are mostly: water. RAW food is especially rich in biophotons as cooking kill them. The best is fresh RAW local organic, or even better fresh RAW local wild. For that aspect you need to consult with an holistic nutritionist. Regarding water, more biophotons are put in water when both a vortex is applied to water and that same water is put in contact swirling around a quartz. 

4/ Where are biophotons coming from?


Biophotons comes from the end of each chromosome, from small cones called telomeres.Telomeres through biophotons radiation, inform enzymes to perform regeneration or degeneration function.

5/ What does biophotons do to your health?

Biophotons are used to give to and take from your cells instructions. The better the communication within and between your cells is, the better your health.


6/ When to use biophotons?

All the time! Life can't be possible without biophotons, however the water on tap lacks seriously in that regard and the best for your health is to get as much biophotons from natural sources like RAW food and from properly photonic water which the GAIA system provides.

7/ How long will it take to see the effects?

According to Dr Fritz Albert Popp:
"We now know, for example, that quanta of light (biophotons) can initiate, or arrest, cascade-like reactions in the cells, and that genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired, within hours, by faint beams of light."

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss (1996), Germany don't endorse our products, the video is quoted for information purpose only.

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