Chlorine: how to get rid of the smell and the taste?


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PROBLEM: Chlorine in tap water is NOT safe!

a toxic, irritant, pale green gas. (Symbol: Cl)

The gas was used as a poison gas in the First World War.

Chlorine is added to water supplies as a disinfectant.

Refs: Oxford Dictionary of English

What makes the smell so unbearable?
When chlorine in water met organic substances like it does when running through all surface water source (82% of water is from surface water in Ireland), it produces what is called THM or Trihalomethanes which are harmful disinfection byproducts (DPB), one of them is Chloroform which was used to knock off people at the hospital before an operation.

EPA Chlorine fact sheet, link

Let's see what an image search shows:
Chlorine World War I Ypres


looks like Chlorine is not that healthy!

Chlorine has been used as a weapon by german army during World War I at Ypres and this is a very deadly weapon now used in the bathroom.

Chlorine is added to tap water because it's killing bacterias, germs, microbes which would be harmful to some of us.
However this is not as simple as killing the 'bad' bacteria and all is solved, read on.

Why do they use this product and not another method? Because IT'S CHEAP!

But is it really cheap? Well no, because I've a secret to reveal you: your gut is composed of trillions bacterias, this is your microbiome.
And those bacterias are obviously good for you, as without you can't live:
they are there to produce 80% of your neurotransmitters (brain signals), digest food, produce vitamins,
and they are more numerous than your total number of cells!
They are thus important, needed and to be cared for.


What does chlorine do to your microbiome?
Chlorine being a chemical product killing bacterias, viruses, fungi, it contributes to killing them in your gut by attacking your microbiome,
which with by-products (THM) causes lots of health issues described lower.

Chlorine has good sides, but it's harmful to your health: it's not selective, it kills all bacterias, all virus, not what you need for good health.
It's not a balanced approach for disinfection.


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What are the health effects of Chlorine?

1-Effects of Chlorine on Hair

dry%20hair%20 %20chlorine%20removes%20hair%20oil%20making%20them%20dry

Washed with Chlorinated water

Washed with Chlorine free water

Chlorine strips your hair of its natural oil making them dry, dull and brittle: lifeless.

2-Effect of chlorine on your skin

Redness, itching, eczema, dermatitis, dry skin, rashes are produced by showering and bathing with chlorine:

*chlorine is aging you: it brings in free radicals which are killing your cells by robbing their electrons
*warm shower or bathing with hot chlorinated water, is making you inhale chloroform => showering / bathing with chlorine make you asleep
*warm water causes your skin to act like a sponge so you absorb and inhale more chlorine in a ten-minute shower than by drinking eight glasses of that water
*chlorinated water irritates your eyes, sinuses, throat, skin and lungs, dries your hair and scalp, worsening dandruff
*chlorine weakens your immunity

the facts about chlorine, link 1 (New York State Department of Health),
chlorine on your breathing, link 2 (webmd), 4. Steer clear of irritants

Drinking chlorinated water causes proven health issues:


The mortality rates of illnesses of all types, and in particular tuberculosis, cardio-vascular disorders and cancers, are directly linked to the quality of the water delivered to the concerned populations.
They increase, in particular, when this water is very mineralised (High TDS >50PPM, Dublin Water TDS=200-360PPM, London Water TDS=200PPM) and made artificially drinkable after physical treatments and the addition of oxidizing chemical products (Chlorine, Fluoride). - Louis-Claude Vincent

Before listing the health issues, let's talk about the doses to get there.
To give a picture of how minute amount of chlorine is enough to be harmful, let's define the units using two very simple to understand notions, liter and drop.
We talk in liter and drops of water.

1 Liter L = 15419 drops
1 ppm = 0.0154 drops per liter
ppm stands for part per million = 1/1000 ml / liter or 1 millionth of liter

*0.02 to 3.5 ppm = 0 to 54 drops / L : threshold of smell detection. Causes nose irritation, a weak cough or a dryness of the throat.
*1 to 2 ppm = 15 to 31 drops / L : strong cough, headache, breathing difficulties
*2 to 3 ppm = 30 to 46 drops / L : irritations of mucous membrane
*3 à 4 ppm = 46 to 67 drops / L : burning feeling of skin and nose, becoming unbearable after few minutes

Note that the WHO reference value given for sanitation by chlorine is 5 ppm / L > FAR BIGGER THAN the smallest 0.02 ppm
WHICH MEANS Health issues are guaranteed.

***Documented health issues increase coming from chlorine in tap water:


A few of those studies:

"A long, hot shower can be dangerous. The toxic chemicals are inhaled in high concentrations." Bottom Line; Dr. John Andelman, PhD.

"Water is chlorinated to kill microorganisms, but the Chlorine also kills the healthy probiotic bacteria in the intestines." Restoring Your Digestive Health;
Jordan S. Rubin, N.MD., PhD.

"Avoiding contact with chlorinated water is of the utmost importance. This includes bathing water and drinking water. Chlorine kills bacteria, friendly and unfriendly, in the intestines. It can be absorbed through the skin. I recomend installing a shower filter to remove Chlorine." Patient, Heal Thyself; Jordan S. Rubin, N.MD., PhD.

"These results suggest that exposure to chlorination by-products in drinking water is associated with increased risk of colon cancer.”
The association of drinking water source and chlorination by-products with cancer incidence among postmenopausal women in Iowa: a prospective cohort study, 1997. link

"The results of this meta-analysis suggest a positive association between consumption of chlorination by-products in drinking water and bladder and rectal cancer in humans.", Chlorination, chlorination by-products, and cancer: a meta-analysis, R D Morris 1, A M Audet, I F Angelillo, T C Chalmers, F Mosteller, link

"Recent studies have shown that changes in gut microbial populations caused by chlorine or other chemicals in the drinking water influence the development of human colorectal cancer", Tatsunari Sasada, Takao Hinoi, Yasufumi Saito, Tomohiro Adachi, Yuji Takakura, Yasuo Kawaguchi, Yusuke Sotomaru, Kazuhiro Sentani, Naohide Oue, Wataru Yasui, Hideki Ohdan, link

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"Domestic water source correlates suggest water may be an underappreciated determinant of microbiome acquisition.", Infant diet and maternal gestational weight gain predict early metabolic maturation of gut microbiomes, link

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