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Why Healthy Water Matters?
My Tap Water History

To summarize all the health issues caused by tap water and EMF, please look at this video from Dr Dietrich Klinghardt:

I founded Healthy Water Matters because I wanted to help address the quality of tap water which is very bad in Rep. of Ireland: 43% of water is lost in the pipes, fluoride is added which is a neurotoxin banned in 97% of Europe, regularly there are cryptosporidium outbreaks forcing the population to boil water,...

To be alive is to have the healthiest water possible: 99% of our body molecules are water.

Once I arrived in Ireland I found out the taste of tap water very chemical, full of chlorine, I see the Inniscara DAM issue in Cork in 2009 with the big flood of the city and nobody there got tap water for a week, plus I learnt in 2012 that fluoride is added to tap water which lead to calcification of the pineal gland. I also witnessed for 45 mins straight, orange rusty water on tap in Ballincollig near Cork which led me to get interested into the Irish tap water network.

I feared for my security and wanted good taste and healthy water. Thus I bough initially a Brita filter who reduced a bit of chlorine and got me curious about filtering and I looked for a better solution as I wanted purer water and avoid the need to change bi-monthly the filters.

I also found out that the biggest amount of water is used showering so I bought in an US online shop a KDF filter.
This was the revelation: I suddenly stopped having nose running after the shower plus got a big increase in awareness.
I basically found out hot shower filter is putting people on sleep due to Chloroform THM coming out of the steam.
And chlorine being a strong oxydant it is harming the lungs: it was used as a war gaz in WWI by Germans against the French troops at Ypres.

I then bought later in 2012 a Berkey filter which I used for long years combined with Shungite + EM pipes.
The Berkey while removing completely the chlorine, is a long way far to remove all the toxins present in water on a consistent basis, and the fluoride filter is not operating if pH is different than 5 which is very rare to get (pH is >7 in Dublin).

At that time, I got informed about the EMF (5G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Dect Phone, MicroWaves) effects on health due to their effect on water and I got some shungite and products to protect me: I got clued about all that by a former computer scientist who setup a shop online to help people get back their health, he knows one thing or two about it because he is electro-sensitive.

Later in 2015, this water experience led me to write a 50 pages memoir on tap water in France while getting an organic farming degree.
While I was writing this memoir I found out doing the research that tap water contains minute amounts of various chemicals and toxins which are documented to be harmful. Those minute amount of toxins are acting synergestically as what is called a cocktail effet: nobody knows for sure what are the health issue which will be coming out of all those toxins together but what can be sure is that there will be, different according to people. In fact your kydneys, liver, skin, lungs, have to work more to get rid of them and have to handle this while also working digesting the food you eat, or filter the air you breath.

I found out also that tap water regulations behind an appearance of seriousness are in fact lacking any depth with decades lagging regarding water new scientific findings: there are nowadays not dozens of contaminants but dozens of thousands, which are not part of the EU standard for water quality, hence the need to change of economic paradigm to stop pollutions production at its source and meanwhile filtering water to stop getting in all the toxins + there is nothing in the regulations regarding the effect of straight pipes on the water energy, nothing on the effect of EMF on water memory, the dominant scientific paradigm regarding water is based on chemistry which is clearly obsolete.

I also found the olidyn dynamizer (a french product invented by following Marcel Violet findings about biological waves not available in the english speaking world as of yet) to be of great help to create many microvibrated waters who bring health benefits.

I found out solutions to filter correctly physically, biologically, chemically tap water through combination of filters and come to understand than physical and chemical filtering is not even half of the job: water has a frequency and a memory.

*The frequency has to be raised through a vortex as its lowered by moving in straight line pipes meaning tap water is dead water and rip you of energy.
*The memory is filled with all the electromagnetic frequencies met on the water way, meaning it records all the WiFi, dirty electricity, 4G, 5G, Dect phone transmission, bluetooth, microwaves met. This can also be removed using the vortex.
*The frequency can be also changed through EM pipes who will infuse the water with frequencies of Efficient Micro-Organisms who are known to promote life from Japanese Dr Higa horticultural researchs.

In nature water is rarely pure except in the clouds, but it's healthier closer to the source than it is down the river: the amount of dead minerals grows with the distance to the source. They are dead because they don't contain any carbon in their composition, spin slower the farther from the source and instead of being usable by the body they clog the veins and arteries.

Added to that the farther the water comes from, the highest in limescale content it will be. This is harmful to your wallet and your health because the limescale is dead minerals (calcium + magnesium) and cover the heating elements of your boiler meaning it costs you far more in electricity than it should. Also the limescale clogs both your microveins and arteries.

While I was in France in 2013 I got another shower device: the Relaxarium SPA shower head. And a good one: a ionic shower head which massage the body with infrared waves infused water, following a special hexagonal and vortexed high pressure pattern, which not only relax the muscles but also save 40% of water and use tourmaline: the effect on my skin in term of suppleness and on my hair in term of growth and shine is great. This shower head has many other benefits, which I'll tell later.

By that time, I found that not all water are equals: they all look exactly the same but each has a different texture, a different surface pressure, a different feeling and with the olidyn, different tastes, and obviously different effects. The biggest one and most important is that as my health was improving, my energy growing, I found that my awareness makes quantum jumps. As I wasn't a big bottled water consumer I only found later how detrimental to both out health and our environment it is: the minerals in are not available to the body, bottled water has no energy, and contains microplastics see study linked.

I continue my experiment with buying a MegaHome distiller and enjoyed the high detox effect and reinformed the water with EM pipes, flower of life wave form pattern and shungite.

I found out about Dr Pollack who discovered that water has a 4th phase and that our cells are made of the 4th phase water he called EZ water. This water is energy loaded through light.

Finally I found Dr Fritz Albert Popp who found out that cells Telomeres (the ends of a chromosome) emit biophotons Those biophotons are essential to the communication of your cells and thus to your health. And water to be the most healthy has to be lighten through a crystal to be filled with photonic energy.

To address all those points and bring the healthiest water I partnered with more than 35 years of experience French GAIA Reverse Osmosis, Swiss Sonatec, German filters, Agriton EM producers. We focus on QUALITY.




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In historical order, Water knowledge improves with time:

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